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  • Black Sea Türkiye


    Every corner of Anatolia has another natural and cultural asset! The Eastern Black Sea Region presents visitors with imposing mountains and forests, fresh, clean air, and hospitable locals.

    Taking your tent along with you, visit the streams, Kadıralak Plateau, Hıdırnebi Plateau, Yeri Plateau in Trabzon; Çat Plateau, Elevit Plateau, Ortayayla Plateau, Trovit Plateau, Başyayla Plateau, Palovit Plateau, Aspivanak Plateau, Badara Plateau, Samistal Plateau, Huser Platea, Amlakit Plateau, Ayder Plateau in Rize; Borçka Karagöl Nature Park in Artvin, and fill your lungs with fresh air!

    Western Black Sea, a region that will satisfy your love of green!

    In the Yedigöller area of Bolu, forests meet with lakes. Bolu’s Abant area offers high mountains that combine camping and skiing. Make sure to spend some days in the region’s hidden canyons and the huge forests of Karabük!