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  • Aegean & Mediterranean Coasts Route

    Çanakkale - İzmir - Aydın - Muğla - Antalya - Mersin

    Imagine a route near turquoise sea and golden sand, hidden bays and forests, crossing the western and southern coasts of Anatolia!

    We’re starting at Çanakkale in northwest Türkiye, heading south, through historical and cultural lands, and finishing on the shores of the Eastern Mediterranean. This route promises many ancient cities, amazing landscapes, majestic bays, and endless green to rejuvenate ourselves!

    • Ancient city of Troy in Çanakkale
    • The combination of a modern metropole,ancient cities,small villages, and fertile agricultural lands in İzmir
    • The virgin canyons and ancient cities in Aydın
    • The hidden bays in Muğla
    • The glory of the imposing Taurus Mountains near the Mediterranean Sea in Antalya
    • Kızkalesi
    • Alahan Monastery, and St. Paul’s Church in MersinKızkalesi
    • Alahan Monastery, and St. Paul’s Church in Mersin
    • Local soups and meatballs in Çanakkale
    • Olive-oil vegetable dishes in İzmir
    • Tandır kebap in Aydın
    • Pine honey in Muğla
    • Local meat dishes at villages and world cuisine at luxury restaurants in Antalya
    • Local banana variety in Anamur/Mersin
    • Black and red pine trees in Çanakkale forests
    • The local fruit wines of Şirince in İzmir
    • Virgin olive oils in Aydın
    • The endemic sweetgum trees in Muğla
    • The endemic flowers on the Taurus Mountains in Antalya
    • The small mountain strawberry in Mersin
    • The replica of the wooden Trojan Horse in Çanakkale
    • The statues at the sites of ancient cities
    • The warm wind of Kuşadası in Aydın
    • The golden sand and the turquoise sea in Muğla
    • The azure waters of Antalya
    • The handmade rugs of Mersin
    • The story of the epic Battle of Gallipoli
    • The stories of the Ionian League, the confederation of 12 Ionian cities in İzmir
    • The story of “Efe” culture in Aydın
    • The silence of the bays in Muğla
    • The sounds of the dynamic nightlife in Antalya
    • The story of the nomads (Yörük) of Mersin